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Puppy Love: A song about taking home a puppy

Puppy Love is a cute, sweet little song that came to me last night, and I decided to do a quick recording of it today and share it.

Puppy Love, A Songdrops song by Bryant Oden

This song is about when you choose a puppy and a puppy chooses you. :) If you've ever chosen a kitten or a puppy or any pet, to come live with you and be your dog or cat for the rest of their lives, you might relate to this song.

LYRICS to the song, Puppy Love, a happy, sweet song for kids, teens and all ages.

Chords to most Songdrops songs are on each song's page at Songdrops.com. But I'm a little behind with newer songs. Since someone asked, here are the chords for this song. I recorded it using Capo 2nd Fret, and then sped up the song after recording which makes it higher than how I recorded it. So use a capo if and where it's needed for your range.) CHORDS: GCDG
I met you on a Monday and we shared a smile
We took some time on Tuesday, to sit and talk a while
I went to see you Wednesday, I couldn’t look away
For three fun hours Thursday you brightened up my day

Finally on Friday I looked into your eyes
I said I hope you’re ready for a big surprise
I have loved our visits, but I think I’ve seen enough
I said you see it’s clear to me You’re the one I want to love
Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me
Give-me a sign-that you’ll be mine-if you agree

You kissed me on my cheek and then you danced around
You wagged your happy tail and made a happy sound
I knew then and there just what I had found
Then you went home with me
The rest is history