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Glass Animals - Pork Soda – Live in Berkeley

Glass Animals - Pork Soda – U.C. Berkeley, Live, 9-22-17, 1st row, Greek Theatre. Dave Bayley: Well guys, I can safely say… that this has been one of our favorite shows. Maybe it's all the weed. I don't know lol

Other Tidbits:

Many fans in the front rows brought their own pineapples to the show, lol. You can see a lot of them during Gooey, when Dave walked through the GA pit to sing. :P

Dave (before Crazy): All right, we've got a special one for you... We don’t do this one very often.

1. Premade Sandwiches (Tape)
2. Life Itself
3. Black Mambo
4. Hazey
5. Poplar St.
6. The Other Side of Paradise
7. Season 2 Episode 3
8. Toes
9. Take a Slice
10. Mama's Gun
11. Cane Shuga
12. Youth
13. Gooey
14. Agnes

15. Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)
16. Pork Soda

Glass Animals
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